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23 Apr 2018
American Samoa
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Boiler Chemicals

Steam is a very widely used material, both as a heater or power plant. Water is converted to steam inside the boiler. From the beginning of use, the operation of the boiler always faced two major problems: scale formation and corrosion.

Inside the boiler, most of the water will be evaporated, so the concentration of minerals in it will rise, and can exceed its solubility limit. If without treatment, the mineral will form a hard layer on the tube, called the scale. Scale inhibitors are formulated to bind minerals that settle, thus becoming sludge that does not stick to the tube. This sludge can be removed when blow down.

Oxygen, at high temperatures is highly corrosive to metals. Even after using deaerator, oxygen in water can not be removed 100%. Due to very high temperatures, despite very low levels, oxygen is very dangerous. Oxygen scavenger needs to be added to boiler water to bind oxygen and prevent corrosion. Initially oxygen scavengers generally use sulfite compounds for low-pressure boilers, and hydrazine for high-pressure boilers. Because it is highly toxic and carcinogenic, hydrazine is already banned in many countries. For high pressure boilers, PT VISCO PRIMA INDONESIA offers DEHA-based products (Diethylhydroxylamine), which has all the benefits of hydrazine, but is much safer.

Minerals in water are either carbonate or bicarbonate salts. Inside the boiler (at high temperature), this compound will break into CO2, which will carry in steam. When steam condenses as condensate, CO2 dissolves again, forming carbonic acid. That's what causes condensate generally acid (pH often between 4 - 5). Increasing the pH of the boiler feed water will in no way affect the pH condensate. Acidic condensates cause many problems. Corrosion occurs both in heat transfer devices and in steam lines. In addition to damaging tools and pipes, this corrosion causes the water condensate not to be reused. Losses not only damage the tool, but also increase the consumption of water and fuel.

PT VISCO PRIMA INDONESIA provides boiler chemicals to solve these problems. Chemical that we provide for boiler water and boiler maintenance include:

    Sulfite based oxygen scavenger
    DEHA based oxygen scavenger
    Phospate based scale inhibitor
    Non phosphate scale inhibitor
    All organic scale inhibitor
    Neutralizing amine
    Condensate polishing amine
    New boiler cleaner

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