Cooling Tower Treatment Chemicals
Cooling Tower Treatment Chemicals
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23 Apr 2018
American Samoa
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Cooling Tower Water Treatment Chemical

Most cooling systems use water as a medium for the production and cooling of office space, buildings. Besides the cheap price of abundant resources easily available. So water becomes an ideal choice for cooling media. But it turns out water has some disturbing problems in its use. If not controlled and overcome will cause the malfunction of cooling system due to breeding moss and sludge (mg), can even cause damage to the cooling system equipment that can disrupt the activities of the company.

The problems in cooling system water are as follows:

    Suspended solid (sand, mud, dust)
    Biofouling, micro organism, moss / mucus

To overcome these problems, one of them is by adding chemical prevention of crust, rust preventors and anti-moss on the water cooling system and also by implementing an Integrated Cooling Tower treatment program.

Products of Cooling Tower Treatment chemicals are:
1. Visco VC 150 Anti Crust & Rust (Anti-Crust and Anti-Corrosion)
2. Visco VC 155 Anti Moss
3. Visco VC 165 Anti Moss Interval
4. Visco VL 275 Scale Remover / Descaler
5. Visco VL 285 (Netralizer)
Visco VL 285 is a water base liquid containing alkaline mixture, which is environmentally safe, and effective for neutralizing acid residues after cleaning on boilers, cooling towers, condensers, evaporators, heat exchangers.

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