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Greensand Plus
Greensand Plus
Greensand Plus
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Specification of

Greensand Plus is a black grain filter medium used in pressure type filtration systems.
Greensand plus media function for filtering water filters

* Eliminate Iron, Manganese, Hydrogen Sulfide, Arsenic and Radium

Removal of Hydrogen Sulfide
This medium directly oxidizes sulfides and catalyzes oxidation reactions. Long-term use and increased useful life of Greensand Plus can be realized by providing an initial feed of a chlorine-containing compound solution.
Regeneration with chlorine should be initiated before it reaches total saturation and detected sulphides in water should be treated first to prevent damage to the media.

Arsenic removal
Greensand Plus can be used to remove arsenic from groundwater in the presence of iron. Chlorine should be injected beforehand to oxidize the iron and convert arsenite to arsenate and keep the preserved media regularly regenerated.
Arsenic combined with oxidized iron is then filtered in the medium. If there is not enough amount of iron present in the raw water, iron salts such as iron chloride can be injected beforehand.
The general guideline is 1 mg / L iron to remove 20 μg / L of arsenic. This can vary greatly depending on the pH, silica, and other competing ions in the water.

Removal of Radium
Greensand Plus can be used to remove radium from ground water in the presence of manganese, in the same way to remove arsenic. In the case of radium, manganese is required in raw water.
If there is not enough amount of manganese, then manganese sources, such as manganous sulfate, may be injected beforehand.

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