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Hardness Testkit
Hardness Testkit
Hardness Testkit
Hardness Testkit
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Specification of Hardness Testkit

To find out the TOTAL HARDNESS in water needed a testkit makes it easy to work the operator in the operation of the boiler. If TOTAL HARDNESS is not eliminated in the water will cause the crust on the boiler and waste detergent on laundry.


Operators need to provided a testkit simple and easy to use. For that PT PRIMA of INDONESIA provides HARDNESS VISCO TESTKIT, which consists of two larutan and a measuring cup.
Water is put into the measuring cup up to the line and ditetesin solution I bottle with smaller size,
If blue indicates no HARDNESS on water, if red indicates there is HARDNESS in water.

Testkit available by PT. INDONESIA PRIMA VISCO in addition to indicate quality, based on the difference in color, can also be used to indicate the HARDNESS in water sample quantity. SetElah ditetesi solution I is red, then do penetesan II solution bottle with larger sizes until the sample is blue. The number of droplets indicates the quantity of water on Hardness conversion factor 1 drops German degrees = 17.8 ppm.


Thus the operator can find out when need to do water softener regeneration and prevent waste of salt.

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