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Boilers are one of the most important parts of our existence that we can find in almost every factory, especially in power supply plants like PLTU.

Boilers function by evaporating water into steam for the steam is then used as a driving machine production or other machines. And as fuel, we will find coal, petroleum or steam heat used as fuel from this boiler.

Well we heard there is steam, meaning there is water?
Yup really because the boiler is also directly related to the world of water treatment because the operation of a boiler will not be separated from the name of water, and chemical for water treatment process. So now many new companies are emerging that sell chemical for boilers.
What is the Function of Chemical on Boiler Process?
As we've learned before. That in fact in water there is a lot of mineral content and also other impurities that make the character of each water is different and very unique.
Mineral content and impurities are the ones we should anticipate in every boiler process. Because these minerals if not handled seriously can cause damage to the system either in the boiler to the production machine. In fact you can also find a boiler exploded with a fierce because the water used as a feed water from the boiler is not in the right treatment.

So up to this paragraph, we can provide the main outline of the use of chemical for the boiler is in order to maintain the condition of the boiler so that it can still work properly and optimally.

Then what kind of Chemical Commonly Used in Boiler?
1. Anti Scalant
As the name implies Anti scalant is Chemical that is used to prevent the occurrence of scale on the boiler. Scale usually occurs because of hardness or hardness caused by Ca or Mg.
Anti scalant will work binding the Ca aka calcium and Mg aka Magnessium. So these two substances will not form a scale but instead form a complex of compounds that dissolve in water so nantinnya will come out at the time of blow down.
And if you need Anti Scalant, please contact us. Because we will choose the best Anti Scalant for your boiler buddy. Based on boiler type conditions, the type of water used, as well as the purpose of using the boiler.

2. Anti Corrosion / Corrosion Inhibitor
Anti Corrosion serves as a chemical that prevents corrosion of the boiler. Corrosion in the boiler occurs because the alkalinity or pH in the boiler is too low so that the acidic substance end up eating the metal layer on the boiler.
In addition, corrosion can also occur because of high enough oxygen in the water so that oxygen is trying to move the iron back to its original form of iron oxide (If confused try to read vogel om).
Anti Corrosion or Corrosion Inhibitor, works by keeping the pH in the boiler water to stay in the base position so that there will be no acidic corrosion. In addition, Corrosion Inhibitor also helps capture oxygen so that oxygen does not react with the surface of the boiler which will cause corrosion.
To get the best Anti Corrosion or Corrosion Inhibitor offer for your boiler. Please Contact Us Here.

3. Descaler Boiler
Chemicals or chemical this one serves to clean the boiler from the scale that accumulate. By using this chemical, the scale that is formed either from Hardness scale, Sulphate scale or Sillicate scale will soon fall out and in blowdown. much easier than you have to stroke the scale hehe ...

4. Oxygen Scavanger
Oxygen is one of the causes of corrosion in the boiler. By using oxygen Scavanger, oxygen will be bonded in chemical bonds so that it will no longer react with the surface of the boiler.

5. Dealkalizer
Although the value of alkalinity in the boiler is good when it is at pH 8-10. But apparently in certain circumstances the value of alkalinity is too high can actually cause problems. Like the more frequent Blow downs, as well as low quality steam (as a result of much CO2 vapor). Therefore, Dealkalinizer works by removing the alkali value of unwanted impurities.
By using Dealkalinizer, boilers will be more effective in producing high quality steam. Reduce consumption of chemicals and also reduce operational costs.

6. Alkali Builder
As the name implies, this one boiler chemical is used to condition the water on the boiler so that it is at a safe level of alkalinity. And also not derived from impurities that can make the boiler reduced efficiency and effectiveness.

7. Surface Coating Chemical
Maybe these types of chemicals are not so well known. But believe me this kind of chemicals are rightly available and embraced in the boiler process. The function of these boiler chemicals is to provide a layer of protection on the inside surface of the boiler so that it is stronger against scale attacks or corrosion attacks. This type of chemicals are used in boilers with very high pressure, which is susceptible to reactions of ammonia or other compounds that can damage the boiler and difficult to handle by other chemicals.Nah friends, 7 types of chemical was the usual chemical in boiler water treatment . If friends need chemicals for boiler, please do not hesitate to contact us immediately. Because we will definitely provide immediate help and offer that suits your needs.

For information please contact
Herry, SSi
Email: chanherry@gmail.com
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