Chiller Water Treatment Chemicals
Chiller Water Treatment Chemicals
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31 Jul 2019
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Specification of Chiller Water Treatment Chemicals

Chiller Water Treatment Chemical

Chiller Water Treatment Chemical is a chemical product that serves to prevent rust and deposit in a water cooled chiller system, caused by hardness salts that settle and attach to metal surfaces, and the occurrence of rust caused by dissolved oxygen which reacts with iron in the system.Our product serves as oxygen scavenger, and contains a catalyst that serves to enhance the reaction between stainless products with dissolved oxygen.

Dose calculation for chiller system:

- First dose of 1% x Volume of the circuit
- Dose care 0, 5% x volume of the circuit

We also provide cleaning service, good for chilled water, condenser, AHU, wpc, cooling tower, cooler, boiler etc.


 Chiller introduction

In the process of producing water cooling (icy water), many companies in the country or abroad who use the machine "WATER COOLED CHILLER". In the cooling process, this chiller machine uses a chemical substance that is Freon gas. This freon will cool the water in a cooling tube.

Water chiller consists of several components, including:



        Filter dryer

        Expantion valev


Some of these components have their respective duties in the icy water production process. This chiller machine will work continuously because the cooling water is also kept circulated by the circulation pump. Water cooling will be accommodated in a tub or water tank. Then the water will be used to cool the parts of the hot injection machine, as well as mold, clamping, oil cooler, and others. The remaining water of the use will be re-cooled by the chiller.

This chiller machine is equipped with thermostat sensor which is used to know the temperature of cooling water (icy water). The result of this sensor measurement will be displayed in display temperature control. In it we can set or set the standard temperature of icy water as needed.

Basically this chiller machine works because of pressure or pressure on the Freon. There are 2 kinds of pressure contained in this chiller, namely high pressure and low pressure. One of the components above there is a function to change the pressure from high to low. Water cooling process occurs in the evaporator with low pressure or low pressure. To find out how much pressure on high pressure and low pressure, then this chiller is also equipped with pressure gauge. The unit for pressure at this pressure gauge is the PSI. Standard pressure for low pressure is 35 - 50 PSI and for high pressure is 170 - 300 PSI. However, under various conditions, the pressure may exceed or less than the standard. For that, need to be repaired or Maintenance.

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